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Building Relationships – Coaching Results

Whether you desire to develop your professional, business development, or leadership skills, we will work together to design a professional development plan uniquely tailored to play to your strengths and begin putting it into action. In the meantime, we’ll also provide you with training in additional skills, strategies, and systems as needed. By the time we’re done working together you’ll have a plan, systems, metrics and, most importantly, the confidence born of experience that will assure your lifelong ability to achieve success as you define it™.

Success As You Define It™
Playing to your strengths, experience and interests, Client-Centric Business Development™ helps you successfully create a practice you’ll truly enjoy for the rest of your career.  By centering your marketing activity around the things you enjoy and from which you derive meaning we know you’ll do more of it, be better at it, and will invariably be much more successful in creating the practice you truly desire.  Why?  Because if you enjoy something and/or you find it nourishing, you’ll keep doing it and consistency coupled with effectiveness breeds results.

Online Media Business Development Library
The online media library will prove a tremendous resource for knowledge transfer and the coaching will be pivotal in driving execution. Based upon the recognition that beliefs drive behavior and that growth comes from action more than from discussion, Client-Centric Business Development™ centers around testing assumptions and beliefs in the crucible of active business development activity. In other words, once you enroll with BridgeField Group, you’ll begin using Client-Centric Business Development™ skills, strategies, and tactics in your day-to-day life and practice.

High Performance Individual Coaching
Throughout the process you’ll develop an accurate picture of yourself, your skills, and your practice. Expect to leave your first coaching call with some things to think about, some things to work on and, perhaps most importantly, some things to do. Thereafter, you and your coach will design and implement a uniquely tailored system to enjoyably and successfully source the type, quality and quantity of business you desire.  In other words, everything we do is designed to help you succeed as you define it . . . for the rest of your career.

Sharing Best Practices
In addition, though we recognize the utility of self-discovery, we strongly believe that we are hired to bring all we have to offer – all our knowledge, expertise, and experience – to our working relationship.  BridgeField Group uses a consultative-coaching approach and will frequently suggest best practices and share their knowledge, opinions and experience. After all, everything we’ve learned (good and bad) from thousands of your colleagues and years of experience shouldn’t go to waste!