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Comprehensive Solutions

Although complementary and working best together, marketing communications and business development are two separate functions, but hiring an experienced marketing manager, skilled business development professional, or both is a significant investment.

Marketing communications (news media, social media, and events) are the firm-level “air war” that spread credibility and visibility, but visibility alone is not enough to win business. Business development (intentional relationship building, emotional intelligence/ “soft skills” expansion, and presentation skills) is the individual-level “ground war” that secures new clients and builds loyalty.

We partner with firms to develop comprehensive, ongoing and project-based business development and marketing strategies for firms who would like to:

  • Move beyond the service partner/rainmaker model and equip all attorneys with the skills, strategies, and systems to source, grow, strengthen, and maintain business relationships
  • Drive momentum and coach attorneys to implement and execute practice group and individual business development plans
  • Attract and retain top-talent, females, millennials, and diverse attorneys who seek firms that will professionally develop them and invest in their success
  • Have attorneys that retain and build upon their existing client relationships
  • Develop more Rainmakers, successful business development efforts, economic rewards
  • Master the best practices of online media, forge connections online through the right messages and the right channels
  • Turn conferences into effective business development activities
  • Develop identifying metrics and indicators to measure the results of both marketing and business development initiatives
  • Capture and convey the qualifications and differentiators that help you beat the competition
  • New client acquisition
  • Client retention
  • Rate preservation & reduced discounting
  • Business development activity
  • Cross-selling/additional practice groups serving existing clients
  • Community involvement/engagement/visibility
  • Attorney retention
  • Professional staff utilization – administrative, marketing, etc.